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As a professional writer, I offer a variety of services to potential clients based on their needs. Read on if you’d like to learn more about working with me.

Script Writing

Do you want to make a video, but are unsure what to say in it or even where to start with your script?  No need to worry. I can help you create the best sales script for your video. Learn more about my script writing services here.


Maybe you already have a video, but you need it transcribed. No problem. I can help you with that as well. To learn more, contact me below.

Editing and Formatting

What if you’ve got a book and you want someone to take a look at it and edit and format it for ya so you can release it with confidence. Contact me below for more information.

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If you’d just like to contact me because you need help with something else not listed here, please contact me at or fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.
Thank you so much!  Can’t wait to work with you!

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Script Writing Services

Script Writing Services

So you have this awesome online business and you want to create amazing videos to help grow your biz and visibility. Maybe you’ve already created a few and while they are good, deep down, you wish they could be better. You know, more professional and snazzy and all that jazz, but you don’t know where to start. If you’ve ever felt this way, you need a good script.

That’s where I come in. Let me help you write an awesome professional sales script for your video or videos so you can rest easy when you record it.

Why hire me?

Well I’ve been a professional writer for a few years, a few of them as a script writer. I have written screenplays for both films and videos and over the years, I’ve realized that one of the reasons people’s videos do not convert and create the sales and business that they want and deserve is because they aren’t scripted in a way to grab the audience to act at the end. Cause really, that’s what we want: a kick-ass video which will compel our audience to act at the end.

The bottom line is well-written, strong video scripts sell.

If you choose to work with me, you get both: a professionally written sales script that’s focused on your product or community. We will work together to make sure it’s personalized to fit both you and your business.

Having your own script should put you at ease when you go to film it too. It’ll take the pressure off you to remember everything about your product that you wanted to say in your video.

What you get:

A professional and personalized sales script.
Help and support from me throughout the whole process.


To learn more, please contact me at or fill out the form below. I’d love to help you with your scripts.

Thank you!


What a Joke! National Comedy Festival

Recently I was asked to help create a 30 second spot for the What a Joke! National Comedy Festival. After a few hours of filming, a fabulous lunch with the creator, Mary Byrd, a local comedian, and a bit of editing, here’s the spot.

What a Joke National Comedy Festival

What a Joke is a festival which helps support the ACLU.  Comedians around the country have banded together to stand up to the threats our new soon-to-be president has made against our civil rights.

The show in Albuquerque is on the 19th of January at Sidewinders club.  You can get your tickets here.

Hope to see you there!


Writing and Flow

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me with two new scripts on their way to being finished, one of them a play which is super exciting because I’m getting to learn all about stage directions and what not. I just love that!  It’s so much fun!

Anyway…I am a writer. I love writing and have been enjoying this work since I really stepped into it and declared myself a writer last year.

Of course, it’s not just been, ‘OK I’m a writer’ and all easy. There have been bumps along the way. I really love writing scripts, but hate writing copy. Writing can be so easy when I get into flow. When I have no flow, not so much.

Now let’s talk about flow for a bit. What is flow? Well it’s sort of like a state where things are easy and well, they flow. Sort of like water. Water flows, it moves it doesn’t stand still. Even the most still of waters are not still. Underneath there is always something moving.

And that’s sort of what my writing trajectory has been like. Ebb and flow. Somedays it’s easier, somedays not so much. I had been working so hard at building a business online, writing books and ecourses for it, that sometimes writing was a drag. I had to make myself do it because it’s my ‘job’. Forcing myself to write things that I am so-so about just isn’t fun and back in January, I was starting to feel burnt out on writing.

What a drag that was. Then well this script writing business thing happened. It’s an interesting thing because I had never even thought about writing a script before one of my friends asked me if I wanted to write a short film script and make it into a movie.

I said, sure, why not! I’ve never written one before and since I was feeling burnt out on writing ecourses and books for my business right now I decided I’ll give it a go.

And the flood gates opened…..writing these scripts has opened me up and given me such a fire that I don’t want to stop. I want to keep writing stories and funny scenes and eventually get them produced and filmed. That my friends, is flow…..

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever experienced flow on this level before…the level where you just can’t stop and you can’t wait to get up in the morning and write write write til you fingers bleed.

So that’s what’s been going on. Of course, I’ve not given up writing ecourses and books. I’m just totally immersed and obsessed with scripts right now and I couldn’t be happier.